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Stripped Free is a faith-based ministry that reaches out into the strip clubs of Indianapolis and beyond with a simple message…the women who work in the adult entertainment industry are loved, they matter, and they are worth it.

Stripped Free is led by industry survivor Stefanie Jeffers and Kim Tabor, who is a singer, speaker, and pastor’s wife. In the three years that Stefanie was working as a dancer in strip clubs, she lost everything. Nine years later, God called her to go back into the clubs and share the unconditional love of Jesus. Joined by Kim, the two make a unique team whose joy is building friendships with women working in the adult entertainment industry. There is hope in the love of Christ. Volunteer-driven, Stripped Free shares that hope and loves women where they are. They also work to equip and assist women if they are seeking a new life of freedom outside the walls of strip clubs.

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Loving and ministering to women working in the adult entertainment industry through the power of Jesus Christ, to see them Rescued, Redeemed and Restored.

Want to help change a woman’s life? Consider making a financial gift. The needs are great and every dollar helps to bring a woman working in the adult entertainment industry one-step closer to a new life.

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Video: Welcome and a Word to Industry Women

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